Scientific Name: Trifolium arvense

Common Name: rabbitfoot clover

Habit: This branched winter annual grows in erect clumps. It flowers from spring till early summer, producing small membranous seedpods.

Leaves: The leaves have three narrow leaflets with minute, toothed projections occurring near the tip.

Identifying Characteristics: Both the leaves and stem are densely hairy

Flower Seed Head: Flowers are usually grayish in color, although they occasionally occur from a light pink to a light purple. The flowers form silky cylinder-shaped heads, thus resembling a rabbit's foot.

Seed Fruit: The little yellow seeds each form inside a membranous pod

Where Found: This plant can usually be found in infertile soils with a low pH level. It prefers sandy soils near disturbed areas.

  • Life cycle: winter annual

  • Milky sap: Not Present

  • Plant type: Herb

  • Thorns: Not Present

  • Plant family: Fabaceae

  • Leaf arrangement: alternate

  • Leaf shape: lance; oval

  • Ochrea: Not Present

  • Leaf margin: serrated; entire

  • Stem hairs: has hairs

  • Flower color: pink; white; purple

  • Growth habit: upright and nonwoody

  • Stem: round or oval

  • Leaf structure: trifoliate

  • Leaf hairs: has hairs

  • Flower diameter: dime; nickle; quarter

  • Flower symmetry: radial symetery

  • Root structure: fibrous

  • Leaf stalk: shorter than leaf