Scientific Name:

Common Name: mat sandbar

Other Common Names: cenchrus pauciflorus, coastal sandbur, cenchrus incertus

Habit: Graminoid

Identifying Characteristics: Grass Family (Poaceae). Mat sandbur is a native, warm season annual and at times, short-lived perennial. The height ranges 8 to 24 inches. The leaf blade is 2 to 6 inches long and flat. The leaf sheath is flattened and hairy along margins. The stem is erect or grows along ground. The seedhead is a raceme with 6 to 20 spiny burs covered with fine hair, each enclosing 2 spikelets, and often topped by leaves.

Where Found: Southern and northeastern United States

  • Life cycle: perennial

  • Plant type: Grass

  • Plant family: Poaceae