Scientific Name: Vicia villosa

Common Name: hairy vetch

Other Common Names: winter vetch, fodder vetch, smooth vetch

Synonyms: Vicia ambigua, Vicia basycarpa, Vicia elangantissima, Vicia microphylla, Vicia pseudocracca, Vicia varia

Habit: Erect or ascending vine up to 3 feet tall.

Leaves: Pinnate compound leaves arranged alternately along the stem. Each leaf has between 8 and 20 leaflets with each being about 1 inch long and pubescent.

Flower Seed Head: Small purple flowers develop on short stalks with 10 to 40 flowers per stalk.

Seed Fruit: Sperichal seeds from green to black in color that develop in small pods that look like other bean species about 0.25 inches in diameter. Pods have between 1 and 5 seed per pod.

Where Found: Fields, roadsides, pastures, waste sites

  • Life cycle: summer annual

  • Milky sap: Not Present

  • Plant type: Vine

  • Thorns: Not Present

  • Plant family: Fabaceae

  • Leaf arrangement: alternate

  • Leaf shape: lance; needle

  • Ochrea: Not Present

  • Leaf margin: entire

  • Stem hairs: no hairs

  • Flower color: purple

  • Growth habit: vine

  • Stem: round or oval

  • Leaf structure: pinnate

  • Leaf hairs: has hairs; no hairs

  • Flower symmetry: radial symmetery

  • Flower diameter: pencil

  • Root structure: fibrous; taproot

  • Leaf stalk: shorter than leaf; none