Scientific Name: Rosa rugosa

Common Name: rugosa rose

Other Common Names: beach rose

Leaves: The deciduous compound leaves are dark green and lustrous. The stout stems are densely covered with fine thorns and develop colonies from underground stems after a few years

Identifying Characteristics: This erect, many branched, introduced, leafy shrub will grow to a height of four or five feet.

Flower Seed Head: The two to three inch diameter flowers will range from white to purple. Single blooms emerge all summer long. The flowers give rise to tomato-like red hips which range in size from inch to 1 inch in diameter. Heavy fruiting usually begins the second year after establishment.

Where Found: Rugosa rose is a native of China, but has a wide range of adaptability. Its best performance is on sandy, light textured soils, but it will do well on medium textured soils. This rose will not tolerate poorly drained sites. It is well adapted to coastal environments.

  • Life cycle: perennial

  • Plant type: Shrub

  • Plant family: Rosaceae