Scientific Name: Galinsoga quadriradiata

Common Name: shaggy soldier

Other Common Names: fringed quickweed, hairy galinsoga

Synonyms: Galinsoga aristulata, Galinsoga bicolorata, Galinsoga caracasana, Galinsoga ciliata

Habit: An erect plant reaching heights of 10-70 cm. Hairy galinsoga has a shallow fibrous root system and spreads by seed.

Leaves: Leaves are egg-shaped with 3 prominent veins and toothed margins. They are also covered with dense hairs and are alternate in arrangement.

Identifying Characteristics: Leaves are egg to triangle shaped and are covered with dense hairs.

Flower Seed Head: Floral heads are found in clusters at the ends of branches and are composed of yellow disc florets and white ray florets. Floral heads have several disk florets and 4-5 ray florets with 3 teeth on the terminal end.

Seed Fruit: An achene 4 sided and black in color. Single plant yields can be as high as 7500 seeds; however seeds have no dormancy and last only a few years in the soil.

Where Found: Throughout the United States in several habitats including cultivated crops, landscapes, wastelands, and gardens. Hairy galinsoga can be very hard to control in vegetable crops.

  • Life cycle: summer annual

  • Plant type: Herb

  • Plant family: Asteraceae