Scientific Name: Ipomoea hederacea

Common Name: ivyleaf morning-glory

Other Common Names: Mexican morning glory, entireleaf monring glory

Synonyms: Ipomoea barbigera, Ipomoea desertorum, Ipomoea hirsutula, Ipomoea nil, Pharbitis barbigera, Pharbitis hederacea

Habit: This creeping or climbing summer annual flowers from July through September. It can climb up several structures and has a taproot.

Leaves: The alternate heart shaped leaves are 2-5 inches (50-125mm) long, 3.5 inches (~87mm) wide, and covered in erect short hairs. Both the stems and the long petioles are densely hairy. The stems can grow upwards of 10 feet in length. Leaf shape is similar to that of ivy, leaves typically have 3 lobes, which is the reason for the common name.

Identifying Characteristics: This plant can be identified by the erect hairs on its leaves. The Tall Morningglory has prostrate hairs while the Entireleaf/ivyleaf morning glory has upright hairs. Not only do the leaves have hairs, but so do the stems.

Flower Seed Head: The funnel shaped flowers grow in clusters of 1-3 on short stalks from the leaf axils. The white to pale blue or purple flowers are densely hairy at their bases. These flowers are typically 1-2 inches (25-50 mm).

Seed Fruit: The seeds grow in spherical capsules that separate in 2 to 4 portions when mature. Each capsule may contain from 4 to 6 dark brown wedge shaped seeds.

Where Found: This plant prefers rich moist soils, but can adapt to most environments. It is generally a pest of agricultural settings, although it can be found in landscaping where people will plant it for decorative purposes.

  • Life cycle: summer annual

  • Milky sap: Not Present

  • Plant type: Vine

  • Thorns: Not Present

  • Plant family: Convolvulaceae

  • Leaf arrangement: alternate

  • Ochrea: Not Present

  • Leaf margin: lobed; entire

  • Stem hairs: has hairs

  • Flower color: purple; white; blue

  • Growth habit: vine

  • Stem: round or oval

  • Leaf structure: simple

  • Leaf hairs: has hairs

  • Flower symmetry: radial symmetery

  • Flower diameter: quarter; larger; half dollar

  • Root structure: taproot

  • Leaf stalk: shorter than leaf