Scientific Name: Crataegus crus-galli

Common Name: cockspur hawthorn

Synonyms: Crataegus acutifolia, Crataegus acutifolia, Crataegus algens, Crataegus barrettiana, Crataegus bushii , Crataegus canbyi, Crataegus cherokeensis, Crataegus cocksii, Crataegus danielsii, Crataegus denaria, Crataegus fecunda , Crataegus fontanesiana, Crataegus hannibalensis, Crataegus mohrii, Crataegus operta, Crataegus palliata, Crataegus palmeri, Crataegus permixta, Crataegus pyracanthoides, Crataegus regalis , Crataegus sabineana, Crataegus signata, Crataegus subpilosa , Crataegus tantula, Crataegus tenax, Crataegus triumphalis, Crataegus vallicola

Leaves: Leaves are broadest above or near the middle, thick, leathery, shiny dark green above, usually not lobed, and smooth

Identifying Characteristics: It is a small tree that grows twenty to thirty feet high, twenty to thirty-five feet wide; with wide-spreading, horizontal, thorny branches

Flower Seed Head: Flowers ranging from white to red are produced in clusters.

Seed Fruit: Fruits are broadest above the middle or rounded, dull red or green.

Where Found: Cockspur hawthorn grows from southern Quebec, and Ontario to northern Louisiana, Alabama and northwestern Georgia, and west to Kansas

  • Life cycle: perennial

  • Plant type: Shrub

  • Plant family: Rosaceae