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Weed Identification

silvery threadmoss



Scientific Name

Bryum argenteum

Other Common Names:

silver thread moss
silvery bryum
silvergreen bryum moss

Synonyms (former Scientific Names):

Bryum lanatum
Bryum argenteum var. lanatum
Bryum argenteum var. majus


Forms a dense mat and is spread by airborne spores.


Leaves are awl shaped usually very small with no stalk and spiral around a very short stem.

Identifying Characteristics

Mature leaves are white due to a lack of chlorophyll. Leaves are crowded and overlap giving this moss a cylinder like appearance.

Seed Fruit

Fruit is a capsule containing spores.

Where Found

Throughout the United States this species is a problem in dry compacted soils i.e. golf greens as well as walking paths, between stepping stones, and in sidewalk cracks.

Life Cycle


Plant Type