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Weed Identification

Eurasian watermilfoil



Scientific Name

Myriophyllum spicatum

Other Common Names:

myriophylle en epi
spike water-milfoil


Leaves are finely divided and take on a stiff, feathery appearance. Leaves occur in whorls of 4 and are up to 1 inch in length, with at least 12 stiff leaflets that occur oppositely from one another.

Identifying Characteristics

A mostly submersed perennial with feathery-like leaves that can spread and reproduce by fragmentation of the stems. Emersed perennial aquatic weeds with leaves that are divided into many stiff leaflets that resemble a feather.

Flower Seed Head

Stems: Stout, rooting often. Fragmented stems are capable of producing new plants. Flowers: Flowering stems are usually emersed and inconspicuous.

Life Cycle


Plant Type