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Weed Identification

garden asparagus



Scientific Name

Asparagus officinalis


Perennial plants that sprout from enlarged root system and quickly grow to 2 meters. Stems have thin branches, needle-like leaves, and form an open canopy that tends to droop.


Leaves of upper branches from 2.5 cm long, appearing like pine needles. Leaves and stems are usually hairless.

Identifying Characteristics

The upper leaves are not really leaves, but reduced branches. Plants produce green and red berries in a thin canopy.

Flower Seed Head

Tepals are whitish-green and 6.5 mm long with subscarious margins.

Seed Fruit

Berries are 1 cm in diameter, red, with 3-6 seeds.

Where Found

Pastures, fencerows, old cultivated fields, disturbed sites, open woods, roadsides, railroads.

Life Cycle


Plant Type