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Weed Identification

lesser swinecress



Scientific Name

Coronopus didymus

Synonyms (former Scientific Names):

Carara didyma
Lepidium didymum


This creeping winter annual flowers from midwinter into spring. In certain cases, the plant may act as a biennial.


The pinnately divided leaves are divided into numerous segments, and can be found in dense mats on the ground. The stems are freely branched, and may grow from 5 to 40 cm in height.

Identifying Characteristics

When crushed, the leaves will emit a foul odor.

Flower Seed Head

The white 2 to 3 mm diameter flowers grow in compact clusters or racemes that arise from the leaf axils. Each flower has 4 petals.

Seed Fruit

The seeds develop in silicles that have two inflated rounded sections.

Where Found

This plant prefers wet, disturbed areas, and can be found growing in turf, and fields.

Life Cycle

winter annual

Plant Type